Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baphy and Friends Toy Sale!

Baphy has a new friend, Mephi! Mephi is the second installment in a series of nine My Little Baphy toys! And to celebrate this new addition, we're having a sale! That's right, now you can buy ANY two My Little Baphy toys at a special price for a limited time!

Halloween to me is just like Christmas, but better. So from now until November 1st ANY two My Little Baphy toys (including future releases from now to the end of the promotion) are just $65! The terms are the same as always, shipping is free in the continental U.S., outside orders add $15. The colors can be custom painted if you so choose (a red Baphy, an orange Mephi? You got it!) and the order will be shipped 3-6 weeks from the date the order is placed. Simply send instructions with the order as to which two toys you want (two unique, or two of the same toy, doesn't matter!) either by using the button below or submitting a direct order via PayPal to rawson.illustration@gmail.com!

So hurry and get a couple of these cute kidds of your own!

Be sure to follow the artist, Mister 47 at www.facebook.com/TheArtOfMister47 or by following @elvampiro_d on Twitter!

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Left: Mephi the Kidd Right: Baphy the Kidd

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Little Baphy Toy Now Available!

The first of the "My Little Baphy" toy is now available for purchase! The first toy, Baphy is pictured here standing next to a 32 oz Gatorade bottle for scale. At just over 9 inches tall, this cute little fella is a nice addition to any collection. He is made from vinyl, polymer clay, armature wire, and treated with acrylic paint and gloss for a nice sheen. These toys are made-to-order, and custom color choices are an option. Buyers of the toy can expect their item(s) 3-6 weeks from the date of order.

Each piece is $45, including shipping in the continental United States. Orders outside the U.S. add $15. I have added a PayPal button to this post for convienience. Customers may alternatively submit an order direct via PayPal to rawson.illustration@gmail.com.

And don't worry, he won't be alone for long. Bapy is the first in a series of nine of these little fellas!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr. 47's Toon A Day Challenge!

I have been given the ultimate challenge: to balance senior year insanity with a toon a day challenge. Aside from juggling thesis, regular assignments, and any other projects I may have slated for the year, I am now morally obligated to create one cartoon a day.

But why would you do something this insane?

One, I am in fact insane. Two, I lost my hard drive this summer and as a result Pandora is seriously behind schedule and thus I want to use this as a means to catch up. So starting now, I will be posting 5 episodes of Pandora per week rather than its usual weekly/bi-weekly publishing schedule for the next 16 weeks. So for all you Hellspawn Underground fans (and those who will be after reading this, nudge nudge) get ready to read a shit ton of gut busting social satire. As long as humans continue to be as stupid as they are I will never run out of material.

For those who don't already have the link, you can read Pandora here: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/draven/pandorasoapbox/series.php

The new episode is up!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Jump Will Live On

Well voting closed recently on the 'Create a Superhero' invite for The Stan Lee Foundation and while the winners are waiting to be announced, my piece didn't make it into the top twenty, which is a prerequisite for the winning qualifications.

But all is not at a loss.

There is still the fact that I am piecing together a portfolio for Todd McFarlane himself, the man behind Image Comics. Aside from that, I have my own empire to build and operate. So in light of the aftermath of this endeavor, I have decided to develop my character Jump further. Certainly with wrapping up one degree, prepping for another, running a web series, taking steps to finally publish my first graphic novel, and with another one in queue when it's done, adding another series to the pile seems crazy, but then again I never said I wasn't.

I put a lot of effort into developing that character for The Stan Lee Foundation and it seems like such a waste to let it fall by the wayside despite the results of the creative invite. This decision is also a new direction for Action Adventure Comics, as I have an unofficial "no superheroes" policy and try to stick with alternative comics and graphic novels. One of my professors always tells me that doing the things you don't necessarily "want" to do can only strengthen the things you do want to do, so what the hell.

I have no solid dates as to when Jump will first hit the web, or the presses depending on what direction I want to take. I really want to work my way through the queue of scripts I have already piled on my desk before I start adding more, but I do ensure you that I will develop a story line for this character and make sure I get good use out of the effort I put into developing him. I want to work on finalizing not only his look, but some of his other information as well as take some time to ponder a script before I finalize my commitment to this project. Rest assured that there will eventually be a Jump storyline, regardless how I choose to deliver it.

I will make another announcement when it comes time to begin plotting the storyboards and begin production. Stay tuned.